Back in 2020, during the onset of COVID, when most businesses were in a shutdown mode, Terry Lee, Founder and CEO of PLA Sports Bar (which is an innovative, fresh, and technology driven approach to the traditional sports bar, currently operating in Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood) watched people in the South Florida community doing incredible things to help their community.  Individuals representing all facets of society, from First Responders to Uber drivers taking sick people to the hospital, neighbors helping other neighbors, all were displaying incredible acts worthy of being recognized as "Local Heroes".  These varying and distinct groups and individuals all coming together for a common cause and demonstrating how communities were all committed to helping one another during this horrible time.

During this troubling and unexplainable time, Terry woke up one night with a challenging thought on how to also be a contributor and give back!  Basically, it was an idea built around a variation of “Paying it Forward”.  Thus, the birth of PLA IT FORWARD From the birth of an idea to collaborating with other key players in the community such as Chris Osceola, Seminole Tribal Councilman, who introduced Terry to Susan Renneisen, V.P. of Community Affairs and Special Events at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, they set forth on a path to bring this epiphany to life. The passion these leaders possess, empowered them to pursue this opportunity, which has since blossomed into this current charitable initiative.  Additionally, Tony Robbins (world renowned Philanthropist, Business Leader, Author, and Coach) is also an investor & founder at PLA and his beliefs and teachings permeate the culture and direction of both PLA Sports Bar and PLA it Forward.

A key driver in people’s passion about philanthropy is self-fulfillment.  To help accomplish that, Terry is always looking to recognize people who are doing amazing things, but do not expect anything in return. This is a pivotal piece of Terry’s mission.  A big part of the culture at PLA is giving back.  Every team member in the PLA family is encouraged to have a “be of service” mentality, which is encouraged to be regularly demonstrated while they are employed at PLA.  By participating in initiatives driven by other non-profits throughout our community, separate from providing donations to PLA IT FORWARD’s initiatives, they are also looking to expand this newly created foundation, by donating their time, energy, and money to other local non-profit organizations.


Terry Bio@2x

Terry Lee
CEO, PLA Sports Bar
Founder, PLA it Forward

Terry Lee is a seasoned entrepreneur, executive leader, real estate expert, and current CEO of PLA Sports Bar, located at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL. Throughout his career, he has had great success in creating, growing, managing, and selling successful companies and real estate projects. This combination of network, business experience and expertise has positioned Terry perfectly to lead the PLA it Forward initiative with Tony Robbins, the Seminole Tribe, Hard Rock and many other local businesses lending their support.


Hero Green

The Community Hero Program recognizes and rewards community Heroes by bringing together other local businesses to say thank you.

How it works:

The community nominates Heroes

The community votes for their favorite Hero

Heroes are recognized, thanked, and rewarded with gifts from local businesses.

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What does PLA mean?

PLA is our purpose and it stands for:

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inaugural Event

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Our inaugural event was a resounding success! On behalf of the PLA IT OFRWARD team, we want to thank everyone for attending, donationg, and most importatly to our heros be heros every single day!

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